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RSD UK This website is dedicated to the RSD UK which is now closed.



Changes in the delivery of services at RSD UK are to be made from 1st April 2007.
Following consultations with the trustees, directors, major stake holders and the
charity commission a program of reduction leading to service closure is being planned.
The timescale to closure will be approximately 10 months and will coincide with the
termination of internet services provided to RSD UK, including the domain name,
email and all internet services including the forums. The helpline service will also be

The reasons for this decision are many and varied. RSD UK has been in existence in
one form or another since Sept 2000 and has made significant progress in raising
awareness of the condition and educating medical professionals. All this has
culminated in the release of the new book, “Insights into Pain & Suffering”, which we
will continue to sell until stocks run out.

This will also mean that the RSD UK conference held in 2005 was the last one to be
organized by RSD UK and that the proposed 2010 conference will not now go ahead.
In January 2008 the charity will begin its final closure process and any remaining
funds in the bank account will go to the Bath Institute for Rheumatic Diseases.
RSD UK has been more than a full time job for those involved in the day to day
running and we have made many friends during this time. The Directors and Trustees
wish you all well and pray for continued research into the condition.

RSD UK is a voluntary non-profit making charity which was set up to give support to those concerned with Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy/Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, often abbrevieated to RSD, CRPS type I or CRPS type II. You may also have been given the diagnosis of Sudecks Atrophy, Causalgia, Allodynia, Hand Shoulder Syndrome and many more.

There are three working groups within RSD UK and these are

Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome) is a multi-symptom, multi-system syndrome usually affecting one or more extremities, but may affect any part of the body. Although it was clearly described well over 100 years ago by Drs. Mitchell, Moorehouse and Keen, it remains very poorly understood and is often unrecognised.

RSD/CRPS is a disabling condition with simultaneous involvement of nerve, skin, muscle, blood vessels and bone, a patient does not need all symptoms to be present for a diganosis to be made.

Many medical professionals haven't encountered RSD/CRPS yet, and the chances are that if you are a patient you will meet one such doctor. We try to help people understand that if a doctor does not know about RSD/CRPS that does not make him/her a bad doctor - it merely means he hasn't yet had experience in this area.

Hopefully with work from all those within the RSD UK Alliance and other organisations RSD/CRPS will soon be a well recognised condition, giving patients the understanding and care they are entitled to.

We have literature available for interested persons and an Annual Conference aimed at professionals and patients which helps work towards a better understanding of the condition.

We are keen to work with other organisations for the benefit of RSD/CRPS patients and to date these include

We hope you find the information or support you are looking for.

Please help our ongoing awareness campaign by forwarding this page to all your contacts, thank you.


If you would like a Patient Information Booklet posting , please email (UK residents only) for all other information please email

Full contact details may be found on the contact page.


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