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RSD UK Newsletters - Past Issues

Everyone on our database will receive a paper copy of the newsletters as they become available. If you wish to recieve them via snail mail please email Email

Issue 1 - SPRING 2004

Issue 2 - SUMMER 2004
Issue 3 - CONFERENCE 2004
Issue 4 - AUTUMN 2010
Issue 5 - SPRING 2005

Do you have any suggestions for regular or one off additions to the newsletter? If so then please email The Editor.


The world of RSD/CRPS is getting busier by the week in the UK, from news articles to research. The amount of work is being carried out by many organisations, such as other charities and voluntary organisations, researchers, Governmental departments and medical professionals is growing fast and we would like to keep our members and interested others up to date with this news.

We are always happy to display articles that have been published in newspapers, magazines, journals etc - so if you have a copy of an article you featured in, or helped to write then please email Catherine with details.


  • Newspaper or supplement article

  • Magazine articles

  • Local BBC or commercial radio

  • National BBC or commercial radio

  • Local television

  • National television

The articles or features can be about the condition, your own personal story, your achievements despite having RSD/CRPS and other similar subject areas.

If you are a journalist reading this and would be intersted in a feature covering RSD/CRPS then please email Catherine who will be able to help otherwise see PADLIFE.

Please note: If you do an article and wish to give out contact details (names, phone numbers or email addresses) please let us know you intend to use these details before the article is published otherwise there may be no-one available to take calls.


RSD UK's main activity of the year is the Annual National Conference which is held in September. The conferences have been hosted by RSD UK since 2002, taking over from Mrs Jean Chave, Eastbourne who organised the first four conferences.

Awareness week is a big event in our calendar. We take opportunity to get as much information into the public and medical domains as possible, either by delivering leaflets, doing news articles, wearing a pin badge or emailing all our contacts. If you wish to help please see our Awareness Week page.

Awareness ties in with our News Pages - if are you able to help with either we will be happy to hear from you.


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