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RSD UK - What type of support can you get?

A major problem with any chronic illness or disability is finding the type of support the patient wants or needs. Being diagnosed with a condition that isn't well known may frightening for the whole family. RSD/CRPS isn't well understood, nor is it well known about and that means many patients go for years without getting a diagnosis, let alone a treatment protocol.

In this section of RSD UK we offer various ways to contact others for the support that may be essential to a patients well-being. The support offered here gives a means for communicating with those who know just how you feel - it is likely there are many similarities between you, the reader and other members.

The isolation that many RSD'ers suffer with can be as upsetting as the physical pain; doctors recognise that support groups can offer help, advice and support that they are not able to offer, either because of time constraints or lack of suitable financing in the Local Area Health Authority.

Telephone calls to RSD UK highlight one of the main difficulties of this condition - many callers are told that RSD/CRPS is so rare they won't ever meet another person suffering this condition. Many are told they are the only one - and to hear someone on the phone saying there are 1,000's in the UK can be reassuring.

The majority of callers that find out how many other RSD'ers we have on our database are relieved - relieved to find out that somewhere there is another person who feels just the same.

Part of our work here at RSD UK is talking with patients that felt alone, unique - and as one lady said "a medical freak". Hopefully the support we offer is enough to take away the isolation and fear that RSD/CRPS patients can feel. Being part of a support group isn't the negative experience that many people imagine it to be - there are positive aspects and at RSD UK we believe that "Misery is NOT compulsive".

This section explains how to register as a member of the RSD UK Self Help and Support Group and what benefits being a member brings. We have sections detailing chat room, member's stories, and a "find a friend". Also, because of the nature of the condition, we also suggest how and where to get medical help and support if depression sets in. There is also a section on what you can do if you (or someone close to you) feels suicidal because of the RSD/CRPS and the lifestyle changes it brings with it.

If you have any suggestions for improving the support facilities we offer refurbished laptops


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